Use AI to Turn Longform Content into Social Posts

You’ve already done the hard work. Let AI handle the rest.

Anna Burgess Yang


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I’m the first to admit: I’m skeptical about AI when it comes to writing. Probably because — as a writer — I have yet to see it come close to the type of work I do.

But I’ll also admit that a lot of the work after creating a longform piece of content (like on Substack or Medium) is repetitive. I’ll usually turn one article into a few social posts. Often, I’m taking lines directly from the article or tweaking them only slightly to fit the platform.

The hard work has already been done in crafting the original content. Now I can use AI to speed up the rest.

My favorite platform for generating social post ideas from my longform content is Writer. Specifically, Ask Writer, which is a free tool that allows you to drop in a link to published content.

Step 1: Launch Ask Writer

Go to You’ll see a bunch of ideas like “Write 5 FAQs for this article.” My favorite is “Summarize this article into 3 key takeaways.”

You can click on one of the provided prompts, or write your own.

Ask Writer Prompts

Step 2: Drop in the URL

At the bottom, you’ll see the prompt you select (or typed in) and you’ll add the URL to your published work. I used this article in my example.

Then you’ll click on the “Ask Writer” button.

Writer will generate the output. I probably won’t use these exactly as written, but they’re pretty good. They reflect some of the main ideas from my article. I might even use the third one as-is.

Writer Output

Step 3: Copy the output to your content…



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