Sheltering at Home in Illinois

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  • I am not a teacher and I don’t pretend to be an adequate substitute for their classroom interaction. My 2nd grader asked me a math question and after starting at it for awhile I had to admit that I didn’t understand and couldn’t help him.
  • My workday is condensed into just a few hours, splitting the time with my husband so that we have equal amounts of “work” and “child duty.” I have worked from home for a long time, but my days were much more laid back than what I now face. Now, it is GO GO GO all day.
  • I am exhausted by the evenings from the GO GO GO. Bedtime for me is 8:30, no joke.
  • I have lost a lot of time to myself. Because I was already working from home, I didn’t give up a commute or a lot of office meetings. Instead, I gained three co-workers ages 10 and younger in my work space. I have less time in my day, not more. What was sacrificed was much of my “me” time.
  • I don’t like the food I am eating. We were already subscribing to Dinnerly and still have that going on, but our other meals are now incredibly simple. We’ve been keeping to ingredients we can stock up on to minimize our trips to grocery stores. We have ordered food for delivery a few times, but I miss eating out.
  • I miss Mom’s Night Out with my friends. FaceTime isn’t the same.
  • We were a family that always went out and did things. My “On This Day” from years past included a trip to the zoo, a trip to the Art Institute of Chicago, dinner at an Italian restaurant, yoga at my studio, a getaway trip to Las Vegas with my husband, brunch with friends for Easter, and a playdate. All of those are things we have given up.

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