Sheltering at Home in Illinois

Photo by Aumi on Unsplash

The scale of my family’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic was tipped on March 13th when we opted to keep our children home from school. Ironic or perhaps appropriate that it was Friday the 13th. Later that same day, the school district announced closure for the next several weeks. Now, Illinois is under a “shelter in place” order until April 7th.

I am going to guess that our current situation will extend far beyond that date and that this has become a “new normal” for the next several months. I have tried to refrain from complaining, as I know that there are people in far worse situations, facing loss of jobs, fear of the virus due to age or underlying conditions, or other threats to their ways of life. But I was reminded that I am still allowed to have feelings about our situation, and that doesn’t mean that I am comparing myself to others.

And what I feel are all of these things:

I suppose I could make another list of what I’ve gained blah blah blah, but right now, I’m not feeling any gains. It’s like a rainy day weekend when we are stuck in the house without any plans, except that the weekend has now been going on for 13 days with no end in the near future. It is more of a “one day at a time” mentality.

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