Project Manager Meets Parent Manager

Being a parent requires “next-level” PM skills.

Anna Burgess Yang
5 min readOct 6, 2021


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I have a middle schooler, an elementary schooler, and a preschooler. Each of the schools has a different start time and end time. Then Wednesdays are a “late start” day in the school district which throws everything off.

The middle school sends a daily announcements email (which is overkill IMO). The elementary school principal sums up her announcements in a weekend newsletter… but she uses an external app, which means that I can’t easily search for a tidbit of information later. Plus I get emails from the district, the PTA (per school), and the preschool.

My middle schooler has cross-country two days per week and student council one day per week. My elementary schooler has run club once per week. I didn’t realize that run club had a registration deadline for the Google Form so I had to email the teacher who organizes it and ask her to open the form back up for me (she did) and then send a check for the registration fee.

My elementary schooler had picture day last week (I forgot) and my preschooler had a field trip that desperately needed chaperones (I volunteered). The middle school sent home a letter that they did not have proof of my son’s last well-child visit and vaccine record on file so I had to email a copy of the documentation to the school nurse.

It’s a never-ending parade of forms to fill out, activities to keep track of, and calendars to juggle.

I’ve done a lot of project management throughout my career. I was talking to a fellow mom a few weeks ago. She has twins that just started kindergarten this year. I joked in the call that my project management skills have been fully put to the test as a parent. And while I’m the “brain” behind our organization system, it requires effort from both parents to keep things running smoothly.

The Shared Account

It took us a few years to realize that we needed a “household” calendar. Individual Google calendars weren’t cutting it — something would inevitably get missed.

My husband and I set up a shared Google account. We each have our individual accounts also, but anything related to the household uses the shared account’s…



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