LinkedIn’s “Takeaways” Feature Is a Terrible Use of Generative AI

A once-useful platform might become overrun with generic content.

Anna Burgess Yang


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I recently noticed a new feature as I was scrolling through LinkedIn. At the bottom of a post, I saw a few buttons. One said “Takeaways” and the other was different with each post.

Example of the takeaways button in LinkedIn
Source: My own screenshot

Curious (and assuming the sparkle icon meant that AI was involved), I clicked on it.

I was completely dismayed by the results.

The AI-powered Takeaways stripped the post of anything interesting. I got a generic recap, in bullet point format, with a suggestion for me at the end, either to create my own post or explore more information.

I immediately asked myself: what is LinkedIn even doing? Who thought this was a good use of generative AI?

AI-powered takeaways remove the human story

The most engaging posts on LinkedIn tell a story. Readers connect with the post because they can relate or have learned something.

I tried the Takeaways on a post from Aaron Wallace. He told a story about tagging companies in LinkedIn posts.

Source: My own screenshot

The AI-powered Takeaways were bland and, frankly, useless.

the AI-powered takeaways generated by LinkedIn
Source: My own screenshot

Aaron’s post was engaging. It caught my attention because he shared a specific example and the results.

The AI-generated Takeaways told me very little because the original elements that “stopped the scroll” in my feed were gone.

There was an action item for me at the bottom to “create a workflow” to monitor mentions. When I clicked on this, the workflow suggestion included products like Hootsuite to do the monitoring.



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