Having the Right Tools When Creativity Strikes

I never know when a new idea is going to hit me.

Photo by Mike Tinnion on Unsplash

1. New Blog Post or Article Ideas

I could be doing anything from reading an article online to cooking dinner when I am hit with a new idea for a blog post or article. Whether it be for my personal blog or for a client, I realize that I need to capture the idea before it disappears — otherwise there’s about zero percent chance that I’ll remember it later.

2. Notes On-the-Go

I’m something of an obsessive note-taker. I take notes during meetings in a notebook that permanently resides on my desk, but also capture lines write down lines of inspiration when I’m out in the world. Maybe I’m sitting in a webinar and the speaker says a line that is inspiring or I’m walking down the street and see a high-heeled shoe on the median and wonder how it got there (which happened to me the other day).

3. Finding the Right Words

Sometimes I will be noodling on an intro or a conclusion and BAM — the right words will hit me. At a time when I am nowhere near my draft.

4. Collecting Things

We all come across intriguing quotes, articles, videos, and the like. I’m really good at using the Bookmarks feature in different apps to save things either because I really like them or because I don’t have time to look now but want to come back later.

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