Firmly in the #5amwritersclub Camp

I’ve discovered the joy of morning silence.

Photo by Ramiz Dedaković on Unsplash

My FitBit likes to give me little “tips” in the app. For example, a banner will show up that says “Did you know that drinking x amount of water per day…” etc.

Recently, the message was: “A person who goes to bed late and wakes up late is a night owl. A person who goes to bed early and wakes up early is a lark. Based on your sleep history, you are a lark.”

I would concur with that assessment. My wake-up time today was 4:05 am. And I’ve grown to love it.

I have always been a morning person, but over the past few weeks I have become an “extreme morning” person. I fall asleep sometime before 8:30 pm and wake up naturally around 4:00–4:30 am.

I’m not even sure exactly how it happened. I think one night I was exhausted and fell asleep early, resulting in the early wake-up the next morning. Because of that, I was exhausted again that evening… it turned into a cycle.

In the past, I would have continued to lie in bed, thinking 4:00 am was too early, and try to fall back asleep.

But that one morning where I woke up really early, I was so widely awake that I sat down at my computer. Before I knew it, I had written 1000 words. My brain was intensely alert and the words flowed easily.

I’ve learned to cherish that morning time. No one else in this house wakes up until close to 7:00 am. During those hours of silence, I do the following:

I love it. I love feeling productive. I don’t care that my bedtime now resembles that of an elementary-school child. My brain is mush by that point anyway.

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