Create Projects from Your Calendar Events

Automatically create new projects in whatever PM system you use.

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I wrote a LinkedIn post recently about checking my calendar every morning. My projects are planned in Trello and synced to my calendar so I have a “complete picture” of my meetings and work for the day.

(Side note: I just started using the new Notion Calendar. It’s a desktop app that syncs all of my Google calendars. I specifically like desktop apps so I can leave them open all day long, wheres I’ll close browser tabs.)

Someone commented on this post and asked if there’s a way to create Trello projects from Calendar events. Almost the opposite of what I’m doing, which is adding events on my calendar from Trello. This person is looking for calendar events to go to Trello.

The answer is: yes! This is pretty easy to set up using Zapier. It would also work with any project management tool, not just Trello.

If you work on projects based on scheduled events (like a prospect reaches out and you use Trello as a CRM), this tutorial is for you.

Step 1: Set up a trigger based on a new event in Calendly

In this example, I’m using Calendly as my trigger (the action that sets off the Zap). You could also use other calendar scheduling tools or Google Calendar.

Google Calendar is a bit tricky because it’s harder to filter based on the event type — assuming you don’t want everything on your calendar to trigger a new project. Calendly lets you filter by event type.

In Zapier, your app will be Calendly and your trigger will be Invitee created.

Calendly only has one trigger option, and it’s a Webhook subscription scope. Select that.

Step 2: Filter your event types



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