Automatically Send Your Published Articles to Buffer

Create a streamlined workflow to publish your content to your social profiles.

Anna Burgess Yang


Publish from an RSS Feed to Buffer

I publish a lot of content on the internet. Medium, Substack, and my blog — to name a few.

When I publish something, I want to share the link across my social platforms. Gotta get the most mileage out of the content, right?

The problem: I never want it to publish to my social profiles automatically, for a few reasons. I submit to a lot of publications in Medium and I have no control over when they’re published. Sometimes it’s at 3:00 a.m. Sometimes two will be published in the same day.

I want to share the links with my regular posting cadence and say something thoughtful with each post. No one likes a feed full of random links and no context. It feels like spam. 😣

I use Buffer to schedule all of my content. Using Zapier automation, I can save new published content as a Buffer Idea, to later schedule as a post.

Step 1: Create a Zap based on your RSS feed

In Zapier, you always need a “trigger” or something that starts the automation.

I use the RSS feed for each of my publications. The app to use is RSS by Zapier and the trigger is New Item in Feed.

Trigger in Zapier

A little bit of Googling should help you find the URL of your RSS feed. Here’s what it looks like for Medium. Drop the URL into your Zap.

RSS Feed for Medium

Step 2: Add a Zapier step to Create Idea in Buffer

For the next step, you’ll select Buffer as your app and select Create Idea in Buffer.

(As you can see, I have other steps in my Zap. This one actually has 7 steps! For example, I also create a reminder in Trello to make a carousel for the article later.)



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