Automatically Create Client Folders in Google Drive

Save time by automatically adding new folders.

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Google Drive could also be named “The Land of Chaos” in my opinion. It’s just too easy to save things and, as a result, files can end up in random locations rather than a specific folder.

My first freelance client sent me a bunch of files, like a style guide and some internal messaging docs. Sometimes I get files from the client’s GDrive; sometimes they come as attachments in my email. I quickly realized that I needed a good, consistent folder structure in my GDrive.

Each client has a folder in my GDrive with the following subfolders:

  • Agreements: Any contracts, NDAs, or other legal agreements signed
  • Drafts: My copies of the work I’m doing for clients. My Drafts folder has two subfolders: Briefs and Revisions.
  • Collaboration: The versions of the work that I share with clients for comments and other feedback.
  • Resources: Anything the client shares with me, such as PDFs, slides, or other files. I’ll also add any resources I source, such as a whitepaper I might cite.
  • Interviews: A lot of my work is interview-driven, so I’ll add copies of the transcripts here (and sometimes the video files).
  • Tear File: PDF copies of work, once it’s published. “Tear File” is an old journalism term, when writers used to carry around large binders full of their clippings from newspapers.

Each client’s folder in my GDrive looks like this. I add numbers to the beginning of the folder names so they sort in my preferred order:

I could manually add these folders whenever I take on a new client, but that’s unnecessary work. Instead, I use Zapier to automatically add these folders whenever I onboard a new client.

Step 1: Add a new client

Zapier will run based on a “trigger”: some type of action has to occur. In this case, it’s adding a new client.



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