Add Tasks to Todoist with Amazon Alexa Voice Commands

Keep your to-do list updated from anywhere.

Anna Burgess Yang
4 min readFeb 26, 2024
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Ever have those moments when you think of something you need to do later… and you’re nowhere near your to-do list?

Me too. All the time.

Maybe I’m in the kitchen. Maybe I’m in the car. And I’ll think, “I need to do XYZ thing.” And my brain can’t hold any more XYZ things. If I don’t write it on my to-do list, it doesn’t exist.

I’ve used the app Todoist for years. More than 10 years, to be exact. To be fully transparent, I was a “meh” user for a long time. But now, it’s an indispensable part of my day. I use it for both work and personal tasks, divided into different projects. But basically, One To-Do List To Rule Them All.

I also have a lot of Amazon Alexa devices in my house. Kind of an embarrassing number of devices. This means one is always at the ready for a voice command.

I have connected my Alexa app to Todoist so I can add to-do items from (practically) anywhere.

Step 1: Add the Todoist Skill in the Alexa App

You’ll need to launch your Alexa app and search for the Todoist skill.



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