What I write in public and what I keep private.

Back in October, the New York Times story “Who Is the Bad Art Friend?” was making the rounds on the internet. One woman donated a kidney in real life, another woman wrote a variation of the story and published it. The first woman, a writer herself, was infuriated that “her…

With three schools and different start times, mornings are hectic.

I remember breakfast time growing up. I was the oldest of three kids. We lived out in the country, a ten-minute drive from the nearest small village and a thirty-minute drive from a larger city. My mom stayed at home and my dad worked “in town.”

We attended a Catholic…

Seven days into the month, with my eyes still on my writing goal.

Like many writers, I have often thought about participating in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). Writers set ambitious goals of cranking out 50,000 words in the month of November. Not necessarily good words, but the point is to get everything down on paper; polish later.

My last serious attempt was…

Being a parent requires “next-level” PM skills.

I have a middle schooler, an elementary schooler, and a preschooler. Each of the schools has a different start time and end time. Then Wednesdays are a “late start” day in the school district which throws everything off.

The middle school sends a daily announcements email (which is overkill IMO)…

I was utterly embarrassed when I lost some notes.

I have been something of an insane note-taker forever. My chicken-scratch handwriting and bizarre methodology mean that my notes mean nothing to anyone but me, but I could go back later, and the notes would be enough to jog my memory.

Immediately after any meeting, I would add any follow-up…

Anna Burgess Yang

Writer • Mother • Bereaved • Friend • Documentarian • Finance Nerd • IoT Geek • Collector • Creative • annabyang.com

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